Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Trends Tuesday: Color

Isn't it interesting how our styles can change? I used to be the "kind" that liked neutral, handsome pallets, but now I find myself loving anything with a burst of COLOR. Lately, everywhere I look within the design community, this seems to be a mutual attraction and fixation.

The greatest thing about color is that it adds so much personality and energy to a space. I can hardly imagine myself living in a monochromatic brown box. I'm bored merely by the thought of it.

This setting is a great example of how to effortlessly add color through common household
items like books. -House Beautiful

Infusing color into your home can be as easy as tossing throw pillows on your couch, dressing up a bookcase with a coat of grass green paint, placing a bouquet of cheery purple blossoms on the table, or throwing down a vibrant area rug to ground a space.

Bringing in a pop of color and tradition with her throw pillows and
purple blossoms. -Gina Gatusso
, House Beautiful

John Robshaw from House Beautiful has an ingenious way of marrying a
contrasting color pallet. The bright coral throw pillows add a punch of color and personality.
May I add that the walls are lovely--they are Benjamin
Moore's Lido Green.

House Beautiful showcases a sweet room with
a delicious contrasting geometric rug

Heather Paul from Spool No. 72 has a classy way of incorporating
color into her space. Her bright geometric rug, coupled with a fun upholstered damask
bench, and cozy, stripy pillows.

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Miranda Long said...

I love color!!! I used to be just like you --I loved the neutral monochromatic color schemes, but I found that they weren't as happy as colorful schemes! It's amazing how bright, cheery colors can make you literally skip through your house! :)