Friday, July 30, 2010

Salt Lake City Finer Finds

Happy Weekend, All

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Happy Weekend, All! I am so excited to finally be back in Utah, and I am running down to Salt Lake today to take pictures to post on the blog tonight. Be on the watch tonight for some amazing furniture pieces and accessories to be posted for sale on the blog tonight. So excited!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pretty in Paint

I always admire the person who dares to be a bit creative when painting their furniture. Here are some pretties to inspire you to be a little more edgy and daring with your next paint job.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

I was inspired this morning by the Lovely Heather Bullard and her well-accessorized baker's rack in her breakfast room. It got me to thinking of the importance of accessories, accessories, accessories. They weren't lying when they said accessories are what make a room feel complete.

{via Lookiloos}

I love beautiful flower arrangements topping the table. If you can imagine what this room would look like without them--it would be very brown room. Flower arrangements are the best way to add a pop of color.

{via Apartment Therapy}

Like this room, accessorizing can be as easy as placing a plant, a frame, and a sculpture on the coffee table. The sofa table in the back is accessorized using picture frames in varied sizes. What an easy idea.

{via Lilla Kulan}

Hanging lanterns, clocks and hooks are functional and pretty.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Color Palletts: Pretty in Purple

{via Better Homes and Gardens}

Color Palletts: Pretty In Purple
Purple is one of those colors that is romantic, lovely, warm, and cool at the same time.

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The purple with a touch of pink in the bedspread is lovely and very chic.

{via Country Living}

The different hues of purple coupled with cool blues--a dynamic duo.

{via House Beautiful}

The animal skin paired with a lilac chaise lounge is fab! May I add that animal prints go with almost any color pallet, and flawlessly add that extra wow factor.

{via Canadian Family}

A sweet purple on the walls is subtle, and feminine.

{via Limes Bed and Breakfast}

Purple. Sweet, cheery, soft, and lovely. Need I say no more.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday Spotlight: Elizabeth Whiffen

Elizabeth Whiffen

Over the past year, Manager and Interior Designer, Elizabeth Whiffen, has patiently awaited the arrival on our showroom of that "special piece" to fill every void in her lovely home.

We are delighted that Lizzie has graciously opened her doors to share with us her many "Finer Finds" and tips that have transformed her home into a space worthy of filling the pages of a magazine. Liz's impeccable taste and traditional style have been brilliantly executed in this space with the help of My Finer Consigner. Join me on a tour of her home to discover how she did it.

The Living Room was the first room to undergo the grand transformation. Liz expressed to me her desire to, "Give new life and a breath of fresh air" to the room. Her charming newly upholstered blue-gray sofas that were done in our upholstery studio with coordinating throw pillows, beautiful artwork that marches across the cozy neutral walls, new cocktail and end tables, ambient lighting, and window treatments justly accomplish this ambition.

"I bought the fabric for these sofas at one of my favorite fabric thrift shops, and at the time, I thought the fabric was a soothing blue-gray. Upon seeing my newly upholstered sofas for the first time, I was surprised and pleased to find that they were a cheery blue with a hint of gray. They were much brighter than I normally would have dared to go. But I am glad that I learned a good lesson on not being afraid of color, and could hardly call it a mistake. It was meant to be." -Elizabeth Whiffen

One common fad that has been drawn to my attention in Liz's home is that no single piece lacks, "Details, details, details." For instance, the box-pleated skirt on the sofa, the scalloped edge of the cocktail table or the cheetah print decoupaged guitar (a find straight from heaven).

The Dining Room also underwent a marvelous transformation. "And it was quite easy," Liz admits. She continued to explain to me that the essentials of a dining room are a table and chairs, a centerpiece to top the table, and at least one piece of artwork that speaks to you. Having said this, make certain these pieces don't lack personality. Just look at my beauty of a parsons chair customized by our upholstery studio--"It looks like a young girl dressed up in her pleated skirt."

Liz has mixed it up by putting a 10' antique bench on one side of her 11' custom dining table instead of chairs. She advises that, "Each room in your home should have at least one unpredictable element." The non-traditional bench pulled up to the formal dining table is anything but predictable.

The Eat-in Kitchen and bathroom acquired a bit of second hand charm, also. When describing the pair of antique wooden and metal bar stools, Liz exclaimed, "I'd call them one of a kind--except there are two of them."

I love that Liz described the rose bush at the vanity as being, "Obnoxiously large, yet necessary." I must agree that she made a wise choice here. The plant adds a beautiful, sculptural element to the room and the scale makes the grand statement, "I'm not afraid to stand out."

If there are three secrets
that Liz could share with us after completing her grand home makeover, they would be to (1) exercise patience in the process. After all, it did take a mere 12 months for Liz to acquire a beautiful collection of furnishings and accessories to complete her project. (2) Coming into the store at least once a week to see new inventory, is an absolute must, she advises. "The greatest finds will go quick--and you don't want to risk missing that piece you've been on the hunt for." (3) Don't be afraid to push the envelope and go outside of your comfort zone. The greatest discovery of the project was my blue sofas. The bold color takes the design to the next level and adds that extra "wow" factor to the room.

In short, Elizabeth's belief is that everyone can have a beautiful home. My Finer Consigner has brought this reality to life by providing its customers with one-of-a-kind finds at unbeatable prices, everyday. Be true to yourself and don't be afraid to let your "soul" manifest itself in the four walls that make up your home.

The Stores

Located in Salt Lake City and Pleasant Grove, UT, My Finer Consigner stores specialize in gently used furniture and home decor consignment. With new inventory, daily, the stores are the perfect place to stop in weekly to see new inventory.

Salt Lake Location
7817 South Highland Dr
Salt Lake City, UT 84121

Pleasant Grove Location
285 East State Rd
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

Friday, July 23, 2010

If I Had a Flower For Every Time..

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Antique and Vintage Pretties

Today I felt a bit charming and wanted to share some favorite vintage and antique finds from the design files. Happy Thursday, everyone. Images courteous of "Home."

Loving the crystal chandelier these days.

How many of us have the mountain of magazines stashed at our bedsides? I know I am guilty.

Layered mirrors. A fine idea.

An evening or afternoon of bliss this would be..

Loving metal beds..

Can I say I love layers?!

Sometimes the simplest of touches--like these delicate sconces--are exactly what a room needs.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bringing Outside In

The kids traipsing in grass, dirt, and water into the house after running through the sprinklers may may have come to mind when I mentioned, "Bringing Outside In;" but what I really mean is, lets focus on bringing in the calming atmosphere, the beauty, and soothing nature of what lies outside our home's four walls.

{Via Country Living}

All of the natural finishes of rock and wood coupled with beautiful tubs of greens in the kitchen almost reminds me of hiking through the mountains. It feels almost as if you're outside on the inside.

{via Country Living}

You know those charming movies where the lovely maiden is singing in a beautiful field of wild flowers with the gentle breeze blowing in her hair?--I feel that being in this room would feel similar, and for a small moment, you'd be tempted to stand atop the bed with your arms spread wide and sing!

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Nature's cheerful hues. Have I ever mentioned how much I love decorating with fruit?

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Ok, maybe this a bit too literal. But really, this is beautiful and how could you not love this green house room? I'm going to share a few more pictures from this shoot just because I feel you all need to see..

{via Country Living}

Isn't this picture grouping fantastic? I will stow this image away in the mental design file.

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