Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Trick To Shopping Consignment

There's a trick to being a great consignment shopper. Here's some tips from some of the experts:

1). Go into a consignment shop with a specific plan of action. Even having a list. This will help your eye to cue in on something specific rather than a sea full of items. I have found that this is when the greatest finds start popping out to me.

2). Be open to changing your vision a bit. If you are looking for black lamps and you find a pair of nickel that you really like, realize that sometimes, when dealing in second hand stores, you may have to compromise on your initial vision. I have found that being open to changes really pays off, and I'm usually happier in the end.

3). Don't be afraid to alter an item. Spray paint is one of my best friends and it looks amazing. I had a great friend that recently spray painted a pair of brass lamps and they looked smashing. Don't be afraid to use your creative juices--in fact, the best consignment shoppers are equally as creative as they are crazy for a good deal!

4). Shop often! The consignment shopper that visits My Finer Consigner every week will find the most success. Sometimes it takes one month, two months or even six months to find that perfect item, but you wouldn't want to miss it by not stopping in one week!

Hope you enjoy some past finer lovelies..isn't it amazing what our friends consign in our charming little store? We are so tickled to be able to offer such a unique, one-of-a-kind product!

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