Tuesday, September 20, 2011


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COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS -- The owner and two employees of a consignment shop are in jail after Cottonwood Heights Police say the three were selling people's property but telling the owners the property disappeared.

One victim of the alleged scam is the ex-wife of one-time Salt Lake Olympic chief Tom Welch. She says she lost more than $1 million dollars in items, including rare Olympic memorabilia from Salt Lake and Calvary games to My Finer Consigner, a consignment store located in Cottonwood Highs, Murray and Pleasant Grove. She says after she contracted items to be sold, her house and storage sheds were cleaned out.

For more than nine months, Cottonwood Heights Police investigated the shop owner and employees. They say multiple victims dropped items off and never saw money for the items or their stuff again, and still claim they don't know where the items have gone.

Some missing items include an original Olympic torch, autographed Olympic pictures and Olympic Committee documents. Police don't know if the items were sold or if they are being stored somewhere.