Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back To Tradition: Flowers

Tradition is all the rage in the floral industry as of recent. Formal vases boasting an array of large budded flowers with vibrant, contrasting color schemes are now in full bloom.

Tip: floral arrangements are one of the easiest ways to introduce color in a space. Really, when a room feels a bit drab, floral arrangements are my "cure all". They are lovely as a table centerpiece, atop a dresser, or in a bookcase.

At My Finer Consigner, we have only the finest floral arrangements available to you at great prices. Here are some finer finds and custom arrangements made by our staff:

This beautiful contrasting arrangement brings a much needed
textural and colorful element to this room.

Height and drama are accomplished in this simple, lovely

A happy arrangement of tulips thrown in a glass vase

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