Saturday, May 15, 2010

We are so excited to have interviewed and spotlight the lovely and ever so talented Kirsten Krason of Sixth Street Design School for our Spring Makeover Week. I hope you are as inspired with her answers to our questionnaire as we were. Thanks so much, Kirsten! Enjoy, all!

1. What was your spring inspiration?

My spring inspiration for this room was the yellow Dwell Pillow I got at Target. Winters in Utah can be long and that pillow is exactly what I need to get in the spirit of Spring! I also created a little "Spring" banner to hang across my clock. I hardly get any money for seasonal decorating so this was something cheap and easy to make. The fabrics I used are bright and cheerful!

2. What was the biggest success of the room?

I feel like the biggest success in this room are my lamps. So many people skip out on lamps when it comes to decorating their spaces. Lamps help create mood lighting as well as create a layered look to your space. I searched and searched for the perfect table lamps for this room. I had something exactly like these in my head so when I saw them at Homegoods I knew they had to be mine! I like them because they are a fun and exciting addition to this room.

3. What was the biggest challenge in the room?

My biggest challenge with this room was making it feel cozy. It is a large and long room with dark hardwood floors. I started by bringing some pieces of furniture away from the walls. This made the room feel smaller and cozier. I also added a large rug to soften the floors.

4. What advice would you give our readers upon completing the project?

I don't feel like my room is even "finished" yet! But as I get closer to finishing it I realize that I have learned a lot along the way. The biggest piece of advice I would give people is to fill your room with things that make you happy. Seeing my lamps, pillows and pictures in this room make me smile everyday.

Kirsten, thank you for all of the wonderful advice and insight. Best of luck on finding those last few "Finer Finds."

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