Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's Cookin' In The Finer Kitchen: Entertaining

As the weather warms up and the sun comes out I suddenly want to entertain. And this week, Birthday parties have been on my mind. In doing a bit of research, I have found an abundance of irresistible ideas. Here's some inspiration for your kiddies next birthday bash!

Picking the theme of a party seems to be a bit of a daunting task, at times. My advice, when choosing a theme for your child's party, it can be as easy as their favorite sport, movie, hobby, or color.

These ideas are absolutely scrumptious--and they taught me that the sky is the limit. These beautiful images were found at:

Theme: bright, energetic colors accompanied by a multitude of
playful patterns

*One of my favorites Theme: Sweet as Candy

Theme: Sports

Theme: Pinwheels

Theme: You guessed it, Princess! This party is simply precious.

Theme: Red and Robin's Egg Blue

The greatest thing about a child's birthday party menu is that it can be as simple as you would like. Some of my favorite birthday party's I've attended have had menus as simple as PB&J, vegetable cups, and cupcakes. Whatever the menu be, presentation is everything! Trust me, you'll be weak in the knees after seeing some of these pictures. Enjoy!

Menu: Cake, cupcakes, and treats in candy jars.

Menu: Wraps and fruit-ka-bobs, taffy shaped sugar cookies,
cupcakes, and cake.

Menu: We're seeing a lot of candy. I'm not complaining. I love the
presentation--the beautiful cookie sandwiches are lollies look delectable.

Menu: PB&J sandwiches in fun cutout shapes, salads, vegetables,
and, of course, goodies.

Menu: Perfect for the circus themed party--popcorn, peanuts, goldfish
and cotton candy.

I had some of the most fun finding great party favors. I have posted some wildly creative and spectacular favors for you to take a peek at.

These favors are simple upside down reeses cups with the
darling custom stickers adhered to the bottom. So
creative and classy!

Just goes to show that favors don't have to be treats-- these sand pail
favors are so fun for this beach themed birthday party.

Darling Party favor bags. The presentation is so perfect!

One more reason I love Chinese Take-out boxes. They are so darling
and perfect for a small favor.

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