Thursday, June 17, 2010

How To: Gallery Walls

Our best tip on how to create a picture perfect gallery wall!

{Image via Abbey Goes Design Scouting}

-Long role of butcher paper
-Yard Stick
-Measuring Tape

{Image via Design Formula}

1. Role out the butcher paper on the ground and cut it the length of the space you will be hanging your gallery wall. For example, if you are doing a grouping over a sofa, cut the paper the length of the sofa (that way it will be easy to pinpoint the middle of the space).

2. Lay out all of the pictures on the butcher paper and configure them in a grouping. This will be the grouping you will hang them on the wall in. *For groupings in rows, use your yardstick and level to make sure the grouping is level and each picture is equal distance apart from one another.

3. Draw around the perimeter of the picture frames with your pencil as soon as you have configured your grouping. Take the pictures off of the butcher paper and hold the butcher paper up to the wall. Examine the grouping on the wall to make certain that you are happy with the grouping before proceeding to the next step.

4. Set the butcher paper back on the ground and find the center of the top of each traced picture using your measuring tape and mark it with your pencil. Now hold the butcher paper back up to the wall, making sure that your butcher paper is level and in correct positioning, and drive the tip of a nail into the wall on each mark you just made. This will make a small marking on the wall and will be a guideline for where to hammer all of your nails into the wall.

5. Remove the butcher paper from the wall after completing each marking with your nail. Drive a nail into each marking and hang your pictures.

Best of luck, everyone!

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