Friday, June 11, 2010

No Fret Guide to Accessorizing

We find that often times the most intimidating task for a customer in designing their space is accessorizing. Don't worry--today we will go over some no-fail ways to successfully accessorize your space.

Things to Keep in Mind:

1. Accessories can be a great way to subtly introduce color in a space. If your space is feeling a little void of color, add hints of color in your bookshelves, atop a table, or toss a colorful throw or pillows on your upholstered pieces.

2. Bigger has always been better. Opt for bigger accessories rather than smaller to avoid clutter. Bigger pieces are more dynamic; and the best part, they take up more visual space.

3. Odd groupings are the best. Groupings being the key word--you don't necessarily need three of the same item. Mix it up with different textured and shaped items.

Things That Work in This Bookcase:

  • The groupings in baskets and trays. The basket or tray is able to confine the items in a perfectly structured manner. This is a great idea for collections like seashells.
  • Placing accessories atop stacked books. The books give the items added height.
  • The picture frames tucked back against the wall of the bookshelf.

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