Friday, June 4, 2010

Tried and True Happy Color Schemes

Happy hues are in the air! Today and tomorrow we are sharing some tried and true color schemes that are sure to make you smile.

Yellow and Blue

Yellow and blue color schemes provide a room with the perfect amount of warmth, freshness, contrast, excitement, restfulness, and cheeriness.

A pale blue complimented by a sunny yellow is stunning in this formal living room.

Navy will never stop being one of my favorite colors. It possesses a feeling of strength, regality, and has the ability of getting along with so many colors. Coupled with yellow, this kitchen is happy, crisp, and bold.

This setting is so serene and joyous I feel like I'm walking on sunshine!

Yellow and blue color schemes combined with texture, pattern and white are absolutely scrumptious!

Some of our favorite yellow paint colors:

Benjamin Moore's Showtime 923
"It's one of those spaces that people go through quickly, so you can afford a higher level of drama. Often, there's not natural light, so you need a heavily saturated color like this warm, yolky yellow. Get it in full gloss because the gloss gives it depth, and it's much simpler to apply than glazing." -Christopher Drake

Ralph Lauren Golden Straw 2152-50
"I'm attracted to warm colors that kind of wrap their arms around you. This is like candlelight, with a wonderful golden glow. I'll put layers of glaze over it so it's as rich in daytime as it is at night." -William Eubanks
Benjamin Moore's Sundance 2022-50
fresh pineapple. People love it. It's just a happy color. Try it in a living room or dining room with a pale blue ceiling and white woodwork. It's like sunshine. Everything looks good against it — blue-and-white porcelain, a floral chintz." -Mario Buatta


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