Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shubui Design

Written by Jacquelinne Altom

An inspired designer and professor taught me a technique called Shubui Design in a color theory course while attending design school a few years back. Of all the numerous things learned before completing my degree, this technique stuck with me and stood out to me as being one of the funnest ways to approach an interior space.

Shubui Design Merely Involves These Steps:

Example Inspiration

1. Choose an item of inspiration of any kind (i.e. a piece of artwork, an setting in nature, a photograph, or an object) to pattern the design after.

2. Identify all of the colors and textures in the object; almost as if you were pulling it apart like a puzzle.

3. Determine the percentage each color and texture takes up in the object as a whole. The percentage of color and texture will now be directly applied to your design plan.

4. Make a list of the "necessaries in your room" and let the percentages in your object dictate color or texture of the different elements in your room. For example, if the majority of the color in your object is tan and woven, opt for a jute rug and paint your walls a shade of tan; or apply bamboo shades on your windows.

Finished Example Room

Take it a step further: use not only color and texture to inspire, bring shapes or the overall mood of your object into the design.

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Amanda said...

Love the color on the walls