Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tried and True Happy Color Schemes Continued

Happy Saturday, Everyone! Have a great weekend, all, and look forward to next week's Design Week special on the blog! It's going to be a week of fabulous design instruction and inspiration!!

Today's Inspiring tried and true happy color scheme is: Coral and Blue. Everywhere we look, we're seeing this happy, complimentary duo. Now this is the right way to do a complimentary scheme!

{via House Beautiful}

{source unknown}
We're loving this scheme of Coral and blue amongst a sea of bright white. It's crisp,
casual-comfy, and sweet.

{via Country Living}
Who would have thought that bringing in the coral through the lamp shades
would be the perfect pop of color and personality to the space? What an inspiring

{via Country Living}
Yet again, we are going to emphasize the power of a great throw pillow.
They're an easy way to implement a new, fresh color scheme with hardly any
strings attached.

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Amanda Evans said...

Yay! I love it:)